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11 years since the derail accident
The asking from the survivors, for improvement of the safety
on the Editorial of The Rising Sun (Asahi Shimbun, Osaka, Japan)
on Wed. 4th May 2016

11 years've passed since the accident where a railway's train of the JR Takarazka Line, or Fukuchiyama Line derailed and 107 ones deceased.
Had the railways so everyone never doubted of its safery instantly driven many one's life away. Was the response of the Westerns JR blamed which had never put the safeties assemblies on, making some curbs tougher.
Only, it is not the Westerns JR alone that had seen derailing at the curbs the one never expected. Any railways companies else even, before the accident happened, had recognised short the dangerousness.
As some things else of the railways, the technologies developped in a high degree have brought many important benefits about, however, as it once bareing its fangs onto men its incurs even more flagrant. Even if every industries should have equipped some systems at the priority most on the safety, any accidents never expected have never got over.
The survivors on the derail accident, regarded the lesson not only on the Westerns JR, have come through going on their groping after for capitalising it for making the societies safer. Had properly the important suggestion of the subject whole our societies should ask themselves, we like to let it be on a very improvement of the safety.
Some part of the survivors made their efforts on a distinctive example of trial to dig some organised problems before they'd got the accident never expected just with the cadre on the management of the Westerns JR.
"The Document of Report from the Meeting for a Following-up on the Safety" which was arranged 2 years ago is proposing some way of system on administration of the safety concretely, whose particularly laid an emphasis is the importance of ceaseless checking by the third party.
It's typical the Westerns JR aimed at raising the profit by the faster diagrammes, however, any firm's independent administration of the safety has to be less than level the societies to expect, swayed such by affairs on management. They've seen it expectable the third party's inspections who have no relationship on interests for preventing that.
The Westerns JR received the proposal and introduced in the last year a scheme to have some estimation from the outsiders function on a speciality about the general parts in the system on the administration of the safety.
It's too found some firms to establish a third party's committee in a rush after the accident or the trouble happened but firstly should utilise it for beforehand prevention. We want a motion to utilise the "outsiders remarks" to spread over even more sensitively.
Some other survivors, last month, so as to impose a criminal penalty on some organisation such as a firm yielded an acident, made a party of the assembly aimed at establishment of a new law.
Some challenges have been pointed for an introduction of criminal penalties such of any affections onto the investigations on the accident of the Committee on the safety on the transportation but they should have more profound argument at the State level.
There should be any more lessons from the accident. drawing even more of them, to capitalise on the societies, it might be the reward we can have to the missed lives.

脱線事故11年 遺族の問い、安全向上に
朝日新聞 社説 2016年5月4日(水)


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