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Britain with EU
For a deliberation, way to the quit

on the Editorial of The Rising Sun (Asahi Shimbun, Osaka, Japan)
on 11th June 2017

Britain's politicians, even once more, have got to be made to pay compensation for their conceite despised the will of the people.
At the British general election the Concervatives the government's which PM May leaded got less seats of the Parliament and got short of the majority.
No ways but to an overwhelming win, it was an election seen such. Indeed, upon the dissolution they'd had nearly 20pt. of a great difference at the supporting rate to the Labours the greatest opposites.
Driving that force and hardened the government's base, like to be present at the negotiations for quit with the European Union, EU, will get in the takes hereafter in a stronger postures――Ms. May ought to have such a calculation.
Certainly, last year, since the will of the people for a quit from the EU in a figure of the national referendum shown, voices required remaining in were not a greater in Britain necessarily.
Still, the people can not see to accept about any promoters ways in a hard-liner for a quit. Ms. May seen prior to restriction of the immigrants to the utmost, in a stance never to give it up a withdrawal from the single EU market, however, she needs to reconsider of such ways to the quit.
As well as the other progressive countries, life anxiety could have raised on the British people. By the retrenchment finances the social welfare's budgets got cut down by years. Within a markup on the student's costs and augmentations of unstable employments, never to hold one's consciousness to build a wealthier life than the parents' age.
It is the severer the people's eyes held such discontents given on the politics. Even then at the elections campaign the Conservatives repeated an optimism as if the Britain's quit from the EU just can make solutions of number of the problems. Ms. May denied just her explanation at TV debates.
In contrast, it is the certain the Labours shown the policies closer to the common people to have gained upon on the last stage sharply, such as repletion of the welfare and free of the tuition fees. Successive terrors too got out to let the people's anxiety stronger.
As recalling, last year, it was an impulsive feels of distrust on the EU's intention and decision in an initiative of the elites the one of reasons of the British people's approved quit from the EU contrally to then government's intention.
And this time, against the May's government which has harden a direction for a hard-liner quit by the premier's intention and urged its confidence, asserted majority reversely was the distrust.
Ascertaining national interests ought to see prior, to give thorough disclosure of information and full accountability on any graver policies to sway the future of State. To have a painful rebound by people's will as getting into ideas-forward politics neglected that basic works, Political leaders should engrave it their mind.
Ms. May had a minor political party's taking-in and declared reappointment to the premier. Still, the government's mighty to let the negotiations for the quit go consistently is no longer certain.
Here, about ways to promote the quit from the EU, it would be time to deliberate having times of neat dialogues with the people anew. For that it would be even necessary a courage to stay upon.

イギリスとEU 離脱への道、熟考を
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